How to get there:

To get to Værlandet and Bulandet, you have to travel by boat. The ferry departures from Askvoll and Fure to Værlandet, and the trip lasts about one hour. From the ferry you can enjoy the spectacular view of Alden, a cliff island just east of Værlandet. This trip alone is an adventure.

Visit the local public transport’s web page for routes and other information: Kringom.

If you arrive in a private boat:

Værlandet Gjestehamn is a sheltered marina with all the facilities you need, like showers, toilets, washing machine and dryer, and also electricity, diesel, water and Wi-Fi.

Visit the marina’s web page for more information: Værlandet Gjestehamn

Nikøy Gjestebrygge is a marina in Bulandet with similar facilities and a self service fuel pump at the quay.

Nikøy Gjestebrygge is located next to the general store Joker Bulandet.

Pernillestø Gjestehamn has room for about 10 small boats and access to showers, toilets, water and electricity. There is also a washing machine and facilities for drying clothes available, and room for a barbecue on the quay.

Visit Pernillestø Gjestehamn for more information.


You can explore the islands by car, but you will feel closer to nature on a bike. You don´t have to bring your own, you can rent a bike when you get there.

Visit the page about activities for further information: Bike rental

Brochures and other information

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